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Brett Baker

The "Baker's Choice" man!


The face behind the voice, Brett Baker who guests on Dancefloor Classics to present his weekly selection of four funky & soulful tunes from his vast record collection.  

Les and Brett first met some years ago when Les was disposing of a large quantity of records. Brett turned up at the lock-up garage in a long wheelbase Ford Transit van and after filling it to the brim found he only had room for half the collection! He took them home and was greeted by his wife, Anne, who was astonished to find the entire house filling up with vinyl records! Les and Brett stayed in touch and became good friends. 

An avid soul music fan and long time listener to Les' broadcasts, Brett was invited to sit in on the shows and gradually took on a production role, filling in playlists and being gernerally helpful. With his huge music collection and extensive knowledge of soul music he was soon presenting his "Baker's choice" as a weekly feature. 

Brett runs his own computer and IT company and set about updating the rather antiquated PC's in Les' home studio. All the new computer technology used in the current studio was designed and built by Brett and he has become a big part of the show, both on-air with his "Baker's Choice" and behind the scenes as the show's technical expert. He is also the man who ensures that the finished master recordings are uploaded to the Solar and itunes servers. 

Both Les and Brett are very keen audiophiles (hi-fi nuts) and strive in every area of production to make sure the audio quality of the show is the highest technical sound quality attainable.