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What is the Campaign For Real Music?  



The Campaign for Real Music is here to further the cause of overlooked, forgotten or underrated musical talent. It was started because many of us felt that certain artists, genres and radio shows were no longer getting the profile that they deserve. There are so many great artists who, for whatever reason, no longer get radio airplay; therefore, a whole generation is missing out on a wealth of wonderful music. Also, there are numerous, fantastic young musicians and singers who haven't had the chance that their talents deserve. So our aim is very simple really: to raise the profile of such forgotten or overlooked artists. We do this primarily by profiling them on this site, featuring them in our shows and getting them directly involved - and we encourage those of you out there who love your music to get involved and have your say too.

Fed up of the same old same old music?  Tired of radio stations that play endless pop music day in, day out?  So are we at Radiocafe!

arrow  The Campaign For Real Music's focus is raising the profile of forgotten gems and underrated classics that aren't being played any more.
arrow  Radiocafe select only the very best radio shows, artists, and other music legends - we hope you will join us in paying tribute to these outstanding individuals.


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