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"Les, Brett, Podcast is Da Bomb. Like others I am storing for prosperity. Even though I have been DJing for some 32 years and seen changes in the dance music scene the late 70's and 80's are my favourite. Takes me back to my teens.
Keep on bangin' 'em out there"

Perry Wilks

"As you may recall I have been listening to your show for many a year. The Podcast is a welcome addition as my recordings by "Total Recorder" software were a bit hit and miss!
Love the shows and particularly love the way you select the less obvious tracks - The Get Down Mellow Sound rather than Turn The Music Up! for example.
You did a show that featured my favourites - Out In The Night (Serge Ponsar) Cocomotion (El Coco) You + Me = Love (Undisputed Truth) and The River Drive (Jupiter Beyond) and I shall always be grateful for that".
Keep up the great work

"If you like 70-80s funk and soul then Les Adams is the best, this is a podcast of his Saturday night show on Solar Radio, I just wish he was on every night, I can't get enough of this funky stuff (-: "

"Great show full of soul and funk memories, always a first class selection of tunes! Website cool, Podcast is awesome. I am keeping all the shows to play over and over, I could never get tired of this! Keep the funk coming!"

Kingsley, South Carolina.
"Waking up on Sunday to download the Podcast is as if all your Birthdays and Christmas days have come at once. Lose yourself for the rest of day reminiscing about the times when music was at its best with classic grooves and Jazz. A brilliant show for all those purists who appreciate great music".

Tony Ashton Cheltenham
"Top choon les lovin it at home with the kids dancing around to top choons"

Garry McGuigan
"I have been listening to Solar radio for about 4 years now here in San Antonio, Texas, USA. We used to have a soul station here several years ago but no more. One of the radio stations plays rap and hip hop but I have never like that genre of music. So as it stands, the black american adult male in the San Antonio radio market is basically ignored. I listen to Solar radio all day at work through my laptop, I stream it from my cellphone via bluetooth to my car stereo in the car, and I listen from my cellphone through headphones while I excercise at the gym. I truly appreciate Solar radio!!!!"

Michael Pluck, San Antonio, Texas, USA
"Superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it Funky Forever : Jazz Funk & Soul Lives On, in all our hearts and feet, It keeps letting us do the moves !"

Tony: The Jazzy dancer Slough Berks.
"Just an awesome Saturday Evening Show and now a website with added “podcast” can it get any better?"

Rory (a very seasoned listener)
"Just had to add my bit by saying this show plays the REAL dance chooonz of the 80's for those who were there! Not the same old "hits" you get on other shows. This is top dollar soul for those who appreciate great music"

Kanen, Old(ish) soul girl, Bedford.
"Brilliant, awesome selection of tunes every week, website spot on"

Les, Burnley, Lancashire

"Just to say thank you Les and Brett for the best two hours on radio. The selection of music just seems to get better each week. Getting the podcast too so I can keep all the shows. How about a forum on the website? Keep up the funk"

Len, Basildon, Essex.
"What's up Les, You and Brett are cool dudes man, keep it funky.. and real"

Jigger, NY.NY.
"There is no other show like this, music is awesome. Love the chiller and the mix.. website is cool."

Roy and Helen, St Ives, Cornwall,England
"Love the show, love the music, love the podcast, love the website. At last i can listen to the show on my ipod at work".

Daz, new Jersey
"Have listened to your show on and off for years and you have played many of my requests. Thanks to the podcast will never have to miss another show".

David , Long Eaton, Nottingham
"Terrrific stuff and good luck with the new site.
As for the podcast it just don't get any better, the iceing on the cake as far as i am concerned. All the best and keep on funkin"

"I tuned into the show some weeks ago, and really enjoying it. I remember quite a few of the tracks, this is music therapy!keep the tunes flowing"

Mike, Tottington, Lancashire
"I've been a longstanding loyal Solar listener, and listen to your show whenever I am in at this time on a Saturday. I must say I really do love the music you play"

Stuart London SW13
“I've been listening to your show via the internet for a good while now, when i'm able to tune in that is, so the podcast is really fantastic, i'm signed up to get those each week which is great. Also love the new website too, and of course the show is fantastic bringing back all those disco/jazz funk memories, just wish we had some guys like you in our neck of the woods playing some live gigs of disco/jazz funk tunes”.

Richard, Exeter
"we listen to your show every week without fail and what you play has a direct action on my cd collection ie (costs me money most weeks)"

Dave and Karen from Watford
"Fantastic show, keep up the good work",

Neville, Rochester
"Fantastic show, the memories come flooding back... The music selection is spot on"

Mike, Chertsey, Surrey

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