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Just love that Jazz Funk and Soul music,takes me back to the late 70's early 80's and nights out at the Drift Brige Hotel in Epsom with DJ's Chris May and Tony Godwin,The Eclipse Disco in Chipstead,Scarlets in South Croydon,Boobs in Croydon,The California in Belmont with DJ's Barry Stone,Chris May etc and SOLAR/JFM Radio stations.....Now live downunder on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Richard & Robina

Great to hear those old classics. Always takes me right back to the 80's North West Jazz Funk/Disco scene: Terry Lennaine's Keep on Truckin', Mike Shaft's Taking Care of Business and Richard Serling's Soul Source. Happy days! Thanks for keeping those memories alive!

Nick M

OMG what a show! I only discovered dancefloor classics on solar radio a few weeks ago while looking through the sky listings and I am hooked. If I can't listen live I record it every week. Top show fellas and I look forward to each edition.

Brian B, Dorset UK
A superb show that plays a mix of popular and rare jazz funk. Every week I hear songs that take me back and others that are new to me but they all have one thing in common, they are all excellent. I have yet to hear a duff or second division tune on this show. Just pure quality week in week out. I listen on Sky and download the podcast to listen all week on my ipod and keep forever. Just pure quality. Thank you guys!

Tim, Bolton, Lancs.

I only discovered this show recently when browsing through my sky planner. What a find! Danceloor classics alone justifies the monthly outlay for sky and is set to record every week. It also inspired me to hook up my tv to the hi-fi and listen in glorious stereo.

David H

This show takes me back to the days of real quality music and is a must listen for any soul music fan. A first class and varied selection of jazz funk every week. Brilliant.

Malcolm - Shoreditch
An amazing show playing a consistantly high standard of music, quite superb!

Alan - New Cross
Hey les mixdoctor adams,you are the best remixer ever. I have lots of your DMC megamixes and Istill spin them and enjoy the excitement and the creative mixes you did back in the day. I want you to keep up the excellent work. I used to love all the capital houseparty continous 3 hour mixes you used to create for capital fm back in the day. I havent heard anyone beat you. Dancefloor classics is great I try to listen to it in the weekends, unfortunately i live in canada so the time difference creates a bit of a problem . I wonder if solar can create a listen again show where we can hear your show whenever we want . I'm sure it is possible. I also miss not being able to come to the clubs in the uk cos i dont live there anymore . I grew up litening to your shows on Saturday nights and it was a show we listened to before we went out clubbing . It used to put us in the mood to groove. Long live les adams the funkiest dj alive

This show is by far the best of its kind anywhere. Love the studio pics! The music reminds me of the great Robbie V shows of yesteryear.

Dave B, Sothend Soul
Top music guys. All the way funky. Keep up the good work!

Paul B
Keep on bringing us this funky stuff! Gets better every week. Congratulations on the Denon sponsorship and the new studio which looks great!

Jimmy P
Les & Brett, I have all the podcasts from when you first started and will continue to download them for as long as you make this wonderful show. I have them stored and backed up so I will always have them to remind me of an era of music kept alive by a select few. The playlists read like a history of great soul music. Brilliant stuff. Thank You

Kevin S
Les - Lovin' the studio photos !!! And your looking well ...!!!

John R

there's only 1 les adams! hi les and co. thanks for the music over the years. i was a pause pusher back in the 80s when i was a teen, my brother vince and his mate paul got me on to your great music. every week i'd buy a c120 tape, set my music system to turn on at the start of your show, go out the in the clubs in stratford in east london and spent sunday recovering and listening to the tape. i listen every week and i'm glad you still have your magic. as ever your mixes are pure class. brett is a great addition to the show. keep doing what your doing.

 jason m

If Carlsburg made DJ'S this legend would be first in line L.A Mix you star

Bill M
2 hours a week of this is not enough, should be on every night

Peter S
great studio you got there great music and show really takes me back

Dan, Hereford
Play that funky music. you guys are HOT man

The Whizz
Brilliat music, just superb. 12/10 nothing beats this.

Dougie A, South Shields
Got to hand it to you two guys for the relentless high standard which seems to get better week on week. Congrats on the Denon sponsorship. As for the studio we mortals can only dream of having such a set up no wonder the sound is so good with all that gear! Keep it up.

Phil M, Doncaster
I have been downloading the podcast sinse the end of last year and not a dud among them. Superb music and the mix is always spot on. Les You are a legend. Brett, you constantly amze me with the tracks you pull from your box. 10/10 guys the best podcast on the net by a million miles.

Mick B
Hi Les - many thanks for playing "Starlight" on Saturday's show - it brought back good memories of early 80's clubbing for me. I used to have it on 12" back then and have looked for it over the years on compilation CD's but no joy, so it was great to hear it again. I download your podcasts and play the show to my 8 and 5 year old kids who are starting to appreciate the grooves already. Keep up the good work Les!

Congratulations on the new sponsor and studio guys. The best radio show on the internet regardless of genre deserves nothing less. Love and respects as always.

Juan (Las Vegas)
Soul radio as it should be. Shame it isn't on DAB, but it.s on my ipod every week and listen over and over. Don't stop doing it and keep it real.

Lenny D
You guys certainly know your music. This show is unpredictable in the best way, not the obvious choice of tunes like all the other so called soul shows, the cream of rael 80's soul every week.

Berny S

So much good music and so many memories love it all. A top notch show.

Peter D

Superb show, a must to download for anybody who loves real soul and boogie. Keep up the good work fellas! FUNK IT!

Daz N

Every summer we spend our time in La Manga,Spain.I always atay in and tune in to listen to the show on a Saturday night. All the tunes remind me of younger days out listening to these at the room at the top and the Lacy Lady where I met my wife.Thanks for providing us with the entertainment.

Andy B

One word, AWESOME!
The one show that takes you to 'Back In The Day' with no copromises

Terry N
Love the show, reminds me of the good old days in the 70s 80s and 90s.....Wonderful memories!

Sonia H
Les, it has to be said that you are one of the few DJ's from back in the day that hasn't sold out by playing all the commercial tunes like other I won't mention. Saturday nights are THE night of the week all the time we have your program. thank you for keeping my soul buds watered!

Leonard T - Cornwall
Been listening now for some months and I have to say I am constantly amazed at how you guys keep up such a high standard of tunes. A testament to the standard of 80's soul and your astoundingly good taste! I don't know everything you play, but that is a good thing, it's just like listening to Robbie V all those years back, it makes it all sound fresh. Keep up the good work.

Daniel F
Les/Brett,another couple of great shows, last saturdays was an anthems show in all but name,especialy as you played a song by my favourate group the Isley Brothers.It was good to hear Chuck Jackson the week before,as It brought back memories of Caister when it and Breakwater's Say you love me blew up the dance floor.

Cheers Phil, High Wycombe.
Excellent show! Relatively new to me as only recently recommended by my uncle. I love hearing the tracks and getting the names of tracks that have been sampled and used in more recent songs. Keep up the good work!!!

Dave B
Just love the show download it every week on to my ipod its great how you hear all your fave`s mixed up with so much you never heard or just don`t remember.

Jonathan R
Last Saturdays show was truly magnificent. My wife and I didn't stop singing all the way through, it really brought the good times back. Superb!

James & Helen F

The anthems show was great lads really brought back sum memories can't wait for the next one!

Maddy V

Just downloaded and listened to saturdays anthems show. Congratulations Les & Brett, way up there as one of the best shows you have ever made. Another one soon please?!!

I confess I thought the anthems show would be repetition of songs we already hear too much, but I was wrong. I should have known you would come up trumps with the REAL anthems the soul crowd appreciate. 10/10 and funked to the max!

Pete H
The anthems show was superb guys, everyone a winner. Two hours of the creme de la creme. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Joe M
Les/Brett. There are no words for the Anthems Show last Saturday. Just worried I might wear the podcast out!

cheers Phil
Congratulations on the Anthem show last night Les. Loved every minute of it. Please please please do it again soon...Cheers mate.

Paul B
What a show, the ultimate soul and jazz funk show on radio takes me back to my dancing days. Les & Brett you provide a program of quality in a world of lowest common denoninator radio. Please don't ever stop making this show!

Every week the show keeps up a very high standard of tunes, superb! Lookig forward to the anthems show next Saturday. Keep up the good work lads!

Tim J
well done les. for playing some good soul classics and the best of jazz funk keep it up there is nothing on the radio no more all the good times have gone so on saturday night's it is the best from 8 till 10

the best from frog in london
Keith L

Brett you are a hero - I only had Mighty Fine/Peter Jaques Band on on a C90 recorded from Robbie Vincent years ago which has since broken,now its on my ipod, thanks. Great selection on the 26 June show. Trying to find one song for the anthems show,its hard.

Phil P

Wow - it is the only podcast that I make sure to download every single week. I first heard you back in the day of 'pirate Solar'. I remember being about 18 coming back from playing cricket for the day listening to your live mixes in my first car - a Datsun Deluxe I'll have you know. Am I right in thinking you were on around 11'ish on a Saturday night or is my mind playing tricks on me? I've managed to find a couple of those original mixes online, but if you know where I can find anymore, please, do tell. Favorite parts of the show are the Chiller and of course when you go In The Mix. In fact, this year I have bought Melba Moore, Donny Hathaway & George Howard tracks due to re-hearing them on your show. Could I suggest may be Lisa Fischer's How Can You Break My Heart, Frankie & Maze The Morning After, George Howard's Do I Ever Cross Your Mind, Howard Hewitt's If Only or The Temps Keep My Light In Your Window for the Chiller. If you do play any of those, please dedicate them to the ladies in my life Tracey my wife & Alycia (AJ) my daughter. Thanks Les. Right I'm off to suggest some Classics now...

David L


Raymond M

There is nothing else like this anywhere. A fantastic mix of the real classics and the quality tracks that got away. Every week you put tingles down my spine as you remind me of the days when music had soul.

Thank you, Janice K
Refreshing, soulfiul, jazzy, funky, nostalgic and a first rate selection of tunes every week. I have been listening on sky and downloading the podcast fo about 6 months now and the standard never falters. Congratulations on producing one of the very best shows I have ever heard.

Steve L
What can I say, from the first time I heard you play in the Green Man Old Kent Road back in 1984/85 in your then regular Friday night, and following you onto The Sussex in Norbury, and now listing to your show Saturdays some 25 years later. Pure brilliance, you have proved that when it's quality it's timeless. Congratulations on being the same after all this time!!

Kevin B

Gents, I listen in via the podcast in Chicago. The way that you continue churning out great shows week after week is a testament to your love for truly great music. I'd love a shout out in the next show, and I'll be sure to suggest an anthem to be considered next month. Keep up the excellent work.

Cheers - Andy

Top show guys, brings it all flooding back, looking forward to Caister!


To say something different on here I would like to say that your show plays a fantastic selection of tunes but you also manage to pick some outstanding tracks that I have never heard before and yet accessible to someone like myself whose knowledge of soul music is limited. I was born to late to know much of it (I am 24) but thanks to this show I am able to discover the wonderful music that was around before I was born. I am sure all your younger listeners will agree that without this show a whole generation would miss out on some great music for which we must be forever grateful.

Patrick D

Les & Brett, your show on the 26th June was the finest selection of great soul music I have heard on the radio for 20 years. I have been listening for some months and every show is first class with some blinding tunage, but you excelled yourself this week lads it was just pure magic. This is one of many of your shows that I will keep forever. Thank you for keeping the soul alive.

Jim K
Hi Les,
You really have a mean, bad ass show. Your playing all the disco classis of my youth.
Right on brother!!!

Thanks for playing my request last night mate.(Jean Carne) The Anchor pub in Hemel now plays you show every Saturday night. And all the youngsters are now getting into the old school Jazz funk. We're organising a coach to caster in October and it's all down to your show.
Thanks so much Les..Keep the faith.

Paul B
Dear sirs
they just dont make them like that anymore, I am sorry to say !!

Ean L

Hi les & Brett

We tuned into you both on a sunny day in July 2009 & have never looked

We feel each track is played just for us. It's a good mix of music
from our youth.
From your loyal listeners

Maxine & Errol

Hi Les. I've got to congratulate you and Brett for last weeks show (29/6/10). Absolutlely brilliant. When it started with Roy Ayes i thought it can't get much better that that, but the whole show was a proper trip down memory Lane.
Keep it up boy's. Can't wait for this Saturday.

FUNKING FANTASTIC STUFF. For the soul music fan this is the holy grail of a radio show. The podcast means I get to keep them all to play over and over. I bought an ipod nano just to play this show.

Neil R
No other show on radio compares to this. Two hours a week is not enough, more please!

Barry K

Top show playing REAL music from the 80's soul era. An excellent mix of classics and raraties. That is some record library you guys have.

Ken J, Newhaven

Born and bred in Croydon, living in Istanbul, working in lots of strange nasty countries, but the music always makes me feel happy and 'home'. A perfectly safe antidepressant. Thanks ever so much and DON'T EVER STOP THE MUSIC!

Paul J
Love the show but your costing me a small fortune hunting round picking up all the tracks I missed 1st time around. Keep up the good work guys.

Dave W
Hi guys !
Many thanks for consistently playing stuff that i have never heard before. That comes from someone who prides his collection of Soul,jazz,RnB !
You are just the best !
The podcast certainly makes the journey to work much more pleasurable !
Keep em coming chaps !

Andy M.
Compulsive listening and top quality in every respect. You guys amaze me constantly with the exceptionally high standard of tunes played every week. It just seems to go from strength to strength. Superb.

Tom G
Hard to add anything new here as it has all been said, but I agree with all the comments and enjoy the show very much.
best show on radio and the net.

Phil J
This show playes the best tracks from a golden era of quality soul music that would otherwise have been forgotten and also brings it to a new audience that were not there at the time to appreciate it. Thank you Les & Brett for this superb weekly broadcast and podcast.

Simon J
Hi Les,
Just wanted to say what a top show you have each and every saturday night. The memories come flooding back and I just wish it was the 80's all over again.
The pirates of the 80's was where it all started for me. Horizon, SOLAR.R JFM, LWR,TKO, I still have the tapes.

Steve K
I am loving the choons. It cant get any better than this. I am in heaven right now.

Andrew L
Guys, your show and the music you play is second to none. Just the right balance between the anthems and great tracks that would otherwise have been forgotten, some of which I confess I have either never heard before, or I don't remember, but it is all good and takes me back to the days when music was quality. I thought I knew all the good stuff from the 80's but week after week you prove me wrong! Keep it up!

Sam H

Hi Les and Bret, panic stations on Sunday no podcast for this weeks show, devastated. Thought it might be the volcanic ash cloud between UK and here in Tenerife affecting the ether!!!! Panic over managed to retreive it today, so am set for the week now. Keep it up lads.

Phil B

Reply: Yes there was a problem at itunes but is is rectified now. L.A.

Been reading through the guest book and I can only agree with everyone else. Brilliant and so different from the normal pop "soul" that is dished out on mainstream radio. This is the REAL soul experience. Keep the funk alive!

Veron, Leeds
Congratulations on making a show that is compulsive listening the music is superb and you guys make me laugh with your banter. If only all radio shows were as good as this.

I had given up listening to radio till I discovered this show about 2 months ago by accident now I'm hooked. I listen live on Sky saturday night and download the podcast every week will never miss a show.

Charles, Dorset
Les & Brett, you really know your stuff. You play the real sounds of the 80's soul movement and the little snippets of information about the artists is often enlightening and adds to the pleasure of listening. Top Top show. Excellent sound quality too. 11/10

Harold, Bournemouth
Another fine show this weekend. Awesome track selection as ever and loved the mix this week

Danny B
Had a problem downloading the podcast this week - it was like beig deprived of food for a day! got it now - phew! Excellent as always a very high standard of tunage! Keep it up lads but don't give me a scare like that again!

Ben - Clochester

Reply: Sorry, there was a technical issue at itunes and some people had problems - sorted now.
OMG OMG OMG! Les you are a legend and Brett never lets the side down with Baker's choice. You both have me shouting TUUUUNE! like a nutter every week.

Two hours a week is not enough, more please!

Les & Brett, when I found your show by accident about three months ago I could not believe my ears. I found an oasis in a world of mundane radio. You musical selections are top notch and bring back the days when music was real and funky. Thank you.

Bertrand K, Netherlands

This show should be on FM and DAB. I listen live on SKY and download the podcast weekly.

Solar is the best and this is the best show on Solar. Nuff said.

Terry H

Quality just quality!

How do you guys do it week in week out? Pure classic soul and jazz funk I am well and truly hooked and play every podcast over and over all week and can't wait to download each episode. Please don't ever stop making this show!

David T, Clapham, S.London

I can only agree with all the sentiments expressed here. This is now the only show that plays the right tracks, pure funk & soul, the best, period! Thank you Les & Brett for keeping the music alive.

Jeff B

What a fantastic show guys, so many memories and so many great tunes,the best show on radio anywhere. KEEP IT FUNKY

David, Guildford, Surrey, UK
Hi Les, your show's ok but can you play more Kylie please lol

(I am joking by the way.....I think your show's are great)

In both troubled and happy times there are forgotten heroes, whom are never missed or thanked until the well runs dry. You provide us with the nutrition needed to get through those times and the music to allow us to "Dad Dance" in peace ;o)

Love the podcasts Les - nano in the car on monday, a full week of music to and from work ! superb (oh except wed morning when 'point blank' do a pretty good job)

Cant wait for SOS and Caister



Les how do you do it, your track choices are first class week in week out,hope you never run out of choice cuts.
All the best guys Thanks for making mondays funky for me .........


Hi Les all the way from Arizona, been listening about a month and loving every minute. I wish someone would show these yanks how its done, the local station seems to play a limited amount of songs in heavy rotation. Between you and Mr Baker you play a lot of my favorites and some I have never heard before, so thanks for bringing me back to those fun teenage years before the harsh reality of adulthood set in.

Leroi C
Hi Les and Brett.
Another great show,signing the guest book as asked.Thought I had my finger on the pulse back in the day, but you keep by playing great tracks I've not heard before! keep it up. Philly World Records was mentioned on sat, is Chil Factor due a play or Lollipop Love/Bryan Loran.

cheers Phil
Hi les just like the rest of the guestbook signings I am well pleased .I used to tune in when I was 18 couldn't tell you how was presenting the shows then, still remember the show jingle.Now at 43 still love all the old dance music ,podcast the show evey week .

Many thanks Glenn Moody
Hi Les. What a great show ! Caught you for the first time last weekend, and I'm now hooked.
What have i been missing ?
Les can i request two songs please, i haven't heard neither for so long, and if anyone will have them i know it's you. The first is David Bendeth..Feel the Real. And the second is Slave..Are You Ready For Love.
Thanks Les.. I can't wait for Saturday nights now..

Hi guys
There is nothing like what you guys produce week on week.
Keep it up Boys-Wey hay.


hi les
what a show ive been tunning in now for about 18 months,my kids have grown up and we are now getting back into the scene,your show brings back so so many happy memorys,and your podcasts mean i dont have to listen to boring mundane radio.
keep up the good work

Mark Bell

Hi les love the show, listen every week on podcast, keep up the great work

Peter B
hi les and brett ,top show it, just got back from sunny mexico and the podcast was playing poolside ,pure magic ,thanx for the funk and the podcast

Phil H

Pete B
Hi Les. Loving the show. Every Saturday I'm taken back to the best times i ever had as a young soul-boy without a care in the world except for the music.
Thanks Les.. Keep on funkin !!

Paul B
What can I add. My only complaint is that two hours a week just isn't enough. Magnificent.

David Leech, Humberside

Les I have been a big fan of your mixing from back in the the DMC days and it is good to hear you haven't lost your skills, silky smooth as ever, you are truly the don of the mix! The weekly mix is quite superb the way you blend tunes together is masterful. In the words of the song - nobody does it better!

Colin B
This show is the highlight of my otherwise dull week. It brings back great memories of such great shows as Greg Edwards soul spectrum and Robbie Vincent on radio London. Thank you for keeping these fantastic tunes alive.

Terry Hallam
Awesome just awesome. Compulsive listening every week. Don't ever stop making this show please!

Thank you for giving us old soul boys and girls the BEST SOUL SHOW ON RADIO BAR NONE!

Jimmy P
Dancefloor Classics is a truly outstanding show in every way, every track is a gem Les and Brett, you really pick the right tunes to play. I have been listening and downloading the podcast for about 6 months and I have never heard a dodgy tune! I have kept them all on my ipod and I listen to nothing else.

I must also compliment your technical department the sound quality of your podcast which makes the show that much more enjoyable for those of us who appreciate good quality audio.

Len, Warwickshire
Les & Brett, I got switched onto you guys last summer and have been hooked ever since...
What you guys are producing in nostalgia is always guaranteed to send me reminiscing about my Soulful/Dancefloor past...
I've grown up on soul music and have influences of the likes of Norman Jay, Robbie Vincent, etc and I can now add you guys to that list... I've even briefly worked as an engineer at pirate radio station Radio Invicta back in the day, so it's nice to hear when someone is still flying the flag...

Remember guys, keep the faith

Stevie G
Alias Stevie Griff
Love the music......Sunshine Sounds...

Jo Collins
Hi Les. Loving the show, i listen every week and down load the pod cast.

Paul Bennett
We like to dress in our 70s gear on a Saturday night to really get into the music.
You guys make life worth living, cant wait for the weekends to come.Please give a big shout out to Big Dub, Corny, Johnsty, Arvydas, Marty, John, Conor hi, Stephen, Mickey, Hughie and Manus.Get down and play some funky sounds for the Hegarty boys Lovin it !!!

Dider Ford
"Fantastic show les brings back soooo many memories for me".

Howard , Aylesbury
What a show - takes us back to the days when music WAS music.
thanks Les and Brett - Keep those rare tunes coming

Timmy W
"Hi les great show brings back all the caister weekends memories"

Roger - Littlehampton, west sussex
"Hi Les. Love your show, takes me back to my youth and reminds me of those pirate days in the good old 80's. Every track holds great memories. Now where did i leave the key to my FIZZY !!!.
Top show many thanks"

Paul (PJ) Johnstone Co. Donegal, Ireland (ex Banstead, Surrey)
"Hi Les,listening to the show on podcast ,great tunes ...... i am at my wifes shop which is in the courtyard of what was the famous sheffield arms in sussex (was called hillys nightclub),i used to come here in the 1980s when it was famous for soul funk and jazz,did you ever play a set here?? i remember Chris Hill and Pete Tong, Now ive found you i will listen to you every week and its made me decide to get my 12" funk outa the loft.........keep up the good work both of you all the best"

David L
"Thanks for continuing to produce an unmissable show which, for me, is a weekend highlight and a real memory-jerker of more innocent and youthful days from 25 years or more ago. Long may it last".

Norman, Antrim, Northern Ireland
"80s soul and funk still simply the best

Dancefloor classics really brings back some great memories.
Great show Les, Keep on keepin on and play that funky music".

Pete, Ashington Sussex.
Hi Les

"A superb show as always, a really soulful tribute to the Late Teddy P (despite my e mail I kind of guessed you would do something) and rightfully a deserved place in "the chiller" The frightening thing is if you check all the past "Chillers" and see how many are still with us!

Well what can I say regarding "in the mix" to Quote the Carlesberg ad "probably the best in the mix you have ever done!" just stellar stuff, even Paul Phillips has commented and just said the same thing!"

Kind Regards

Dear Mr Adams,

"I just want to big you up for playing what must be one of my favorite jazz tracks on Saturday night the track in question is 'Hunt up the Wind'.

I am happy for another reason I now know how to spell the artist's name so when I get home from work guess what, I will be finding that on Spotify and bussing out the speakers".

Dana in Rugby
"OMG!!! the intimate scratch DJ well that's what we all thought back in the 80's at a pub in norbury south london, you and your Audi. all best mate
A shout to past dj steve walsh another really great DJ."

Alan Wallington

"Fantastic sounds, brilliant show
Please keep up the great work".

"Found the show by chance one evening and been hooked ever since,thank god for podcasts.The music just took me straight back to all those great times at Caister and numerous all dayers.Have started to spread the word.Dont ever give it up."

Andy From Dunstable
"Please don't ever stop making this show, it is all we have left now to keep the music alive on the radio".

Magnus - CA
"So good to hear all these tunes again plus some I am hearing for the first time. Jazz funk and soul rules!"

Tim - Grays, Essex
"I am not going to waste words when one will do.. AWESOME!"

"I thought the music had died but now I know it is alive and well and now lives in your Saturday night show. Les you are a true legend. Thank you for bringing my soul buds back to life."

Chesney - Dartford, Kent
"I recently discovered your show on Sky and I am also downloading the podcast each week to play in the car. Like all the other comments here I agree that this is compulsive listening for any true soul music fan.. simply the best!"

Gavin Davis - Leicester
"Congratulations on the best show on radio bar none. It takes me back to the days of Robbie Vincent on Radio London, absolutely spot on music choice"

Vince - Portsmouth
"Your show is like an oasis in the desert of modern junk music that's everywhere. The Soul and Funk music from the late 70s / early 80s will live forever. I was an avid club goer and DJ at the time and have so many happy memories of those golden years. The ears are shattered, the body a bit worse for wear and the dancing feet have long retired, but I wouldn't change a thing from my mispent youth of that time, pure magic. I'm old enough to remember when 45 was a record speed, not an age I'd passed some years back. Just keep on doing what you're doing bringing back the happy memories".

Richard Lane
"Hi Les, both you and Brett never stop amazing me, just when you think you have heard nearly everything recorded then you pick one out that I haven't heard before that's why this show is so good, it's not predictable like some radio shows( I wouldn't mention heart 106.2), true club classics didn't always reach the top 20 but are always fondly remembered".


"What a great show remembering all those brilliant 80's cuts bringing all the memories flooding back
Keep it going
Best Wishes"

Dave North Devon
"Absolutely brilliant. The nostalgia just keeps flooding back. Look forward to your show every week Les. Keep up the good work mate. Soul boy forever".

Paul Bennett
"Hi Les, just been connected to sky, hate tv but love music and have just found you, great show, its just you and Tevor Nelson now, will drive my husband mad !!"

"Hi Guys. Just found the show. And i must say it's absolutely top notch. Memories of a lot of good times keep flooding back with every track.
I'll be listening all the time now. And I'll be definitely be putting the word around".

Thanks, Benny

"Been listening for years via tapes pony expressed across the pond by my good tape trading buddy John Walton in Walsall. NOW....Essential listening on the podcast each week. BRILLIANT!!! Keep bringing back the memories and playing those extended mixes cause great DJ's do it with 12 inches!"

Sylvester, West Hartford, Connecticut USA
"Every track a gem. Some I remember fondly & some that slipped me by. But compulsive listening none-the-less".

"Loving your music first time listener, will tune in always from now on".

Luv you - Audrey.
"Top Top Top many of your followers have already said ..Makes you think of all the good times we`ve Had ..Although its more a case of shaking the bones and avoiding any mishap trying to do the moves that were once

Fantastic show and keep em coming"

Abi - West Yorkshire
"Hi les it is so nice to have podcasts of your show . I have just discovered this. I am looking forward to listening to all the shows that I have missed since I was an avid listener of your shows on solar from the pirate days up to the present. All the songs you play are timeless still sounding as good as they did when first released. I reside in canada where such music is unheard of unfortunately for us here, but thanx to solar for keeping the worlds only soul radio station alive and kicking . As long as you guys are on the net we will keep on listening. Cheers mate keep it up".

Shameel Shafique
"Hi Les and Brett the show is just brill but ive only came across it afew wks ago ARGH!!! Downloaded every show since then. keep them tunes coming and when are you doing a spot at Southport weekender alongside Mr Terry jones??"

Pete Robinson

REPLY: When they invite me to play! L.A.
"Les, thanks for my saturday evening, your tunes make an old soul man feel young again. keep playing the funk ....."

Gary, Edgware
"I am 46 yrs old but feel like 21 again when i hear all these old tunes, been an avid dance floor goer for at least 28yrs,still love all the classics you play as with the other solar DJ",
keep up the excellent work

Mark Dellbridge
"Hi les great show as always, it brings back so many memories".

Michael Gray
"Hi Les, since guesting on your show i don't think i've missed any of the shows, and now the pod cast is about i've actually had my sky turned off and can just turn the pc on in the morning and last nights show is waiting for me. Thanks for playing some of my requests and please keep pounding out the good stuff, fantastic memories for me and some of my friends who i have converted to your show"

Kind regards, Gurty.
"Les, you are the original connoisseur of Soul music and the show is FUNKTASTIC !! It's been great to re-discover some of those hidden soul gems from the 80's, and to find some new ones :-)

May I compliment you on the podcast quality...not a scratch or hiss to be heard, just sweet soul music............

If it moves, Funk it !!"

Steve Grace aka Soulboy
Hi Les
Another terrific show tonight,
Listening to the show online on an oil & gas production platform 100 miles off Aberdeen in the north sea.
Love the website, keep up the good work.....your show brings back some great memories.

all the best
"If you hate ironing like i do, tuning in to Mr. Les show makes you forget you are doing it!!! - only thing is, there's too much 'steam' that goes on afterwards i.e. the iron and myself!!! hehehe... Loving it!"

D. Swan - Funkiest Filipina in UK ;*
"Thank's guys you have saved a lost soul(boy) after finding your podcasts I am back from the wilderness and listening to desent music again"

Derek Moulder
"Hi Les, Lovin your work & spreading the word - the podcast goes everywhere with me and keeps me going on the treadmill at the Gym! Keep it up matey!"

Andy Betts
" Love the podcasts have them playing all day at work brings back memorys of " oscars , Tudors and Bogarts " which sadly have all gone keep up the good work !!"

Simon Taylor
"Les, great to find your show in the last few weeks on iTunes. Some great tunes that I've not heard for ages".

Richard Marzetti
"Just Showing U Guys Some Love And Respect 4 All The Great Tunes You Play Every Saturday Afternoon Here On The West Coast Of The US. Really Enjoyed The Pics Of The Studio And Especially Of Bret. He Sounds A Lot Younger On The Air".

Juan Dee - Peace From Las Vegas.
"Great Show Les, great memories from the good day's - 1980's".

Ian Brumwell - Wright
"Hi Les & Brett, Can I just say thanks for making Saturday nights just fab. The music is superb and brings back so many memories and it so good to hear geniuine talent on the radio unlike so many of the other commercial radio sations in the capital. Soul & dance music is alive and well thanks to you guys. Kepp up the good work", regards,

"Hi les..i have only one problem with your show
2 hours is not long enough....."

Vince Meakin

"I really enjoy your show every week, it should really be on every day. Both me and my best mate Vince are regular listeners and are always trying to outdo each other with our music knowledge..."

Paul Goggin

"I have been a listener for a while now and every week there is a high standard of tunes, some are old clasics I know and some are new to me(even though they might be 25 years old such was the vast output of quality back then).
It is 2 hours of memories that only seem like yesterday, places like 'The Sussex' and the 'Dun Cow'and the 'Glouster' off the old kent road.
They might moan about the 80's but the music was far better than anything that is put out today. Keep up the good work"

David Hancock

"Great show, better than any medical treatment to make you feel young again!!!"

Aumir Masud

"Lovin your work Mr Adams sir. Been a fan of your work for ages. Keep em coming, plus a few more of your masterfull mixes please......."

Steve, Tolworth, Surrey



HI Les,
"Just got turned on to Solar radio! You are Rocking!"

Gaylene Hampton, VA
"Hi brett & Les keep up good wook. Nice to see pics of studio reminds me of bretts room many years ago but alot better"

All the best, Colin
"Hi Les & Brett. I think I'm what you call lurker. Have been a fan of the show some years now. It's really great listening to dance floor classics. Quite simply thank you (and Brett) for all your hard work over the years in bringing us this great genre of music. Really like the website and wish you both all the best for the future.Please keep spinning".

Best regards Mark Risley (clacton - on sea, Essex)

"Listen every Friday and Saturday love the show, keep it up and all the club nights love them"

Sue Richardson

"Love the show Les and Brett - excellent tunes every week, absolutely brilliant. The website and podcasts are the icing on the cake - the show is going from strength to strength i reckon !

From Exeter
"Sending this request from the hot climes of Baghdad, Iraq where I'm working. Your show keeps me sane, the Podcast is the highlight of my week. There are many pretenders out there, but your show wins mate.Keep on keeping on Les, wicked show".

Thanks so much
"The best in 80's soul and boogie and the highlight of any week. So good to hear those non-commercial tracks which is a blessing as the pop ones are played all the time and can be found on any radio station, especially that one which is now taking over the country, yes, the very small 106.2, yuck, this beats them all hands down, shame the live webstream isn't in stereo".

John Flynn
Hi Les , big big fan of the 80's soul and your show brings back many memories of the music that i still listen to and love today i have listened to solar fm for many years and you and the mixes i have always loved , it would be good to be able to get some ?? any chances , copyright i assume . Keeping the old skool flag flying always listen sat night if i can , you and Brett keeping it real

atb Tim from Dunstable !
Love the show, so many good memories!!

Mark Evans
The very best in classic soul and dance anywhere on the radio. Fantastic work Les.

Mark Anthony
"I've been a big "Mixdoctor / L.A. Mix" fan since the DMC days. Great to hear some mixing on the show you haven't lost that silky smooth blending touch my man. Remember watching you at The Sussex in awe, you never missed a beat. Still the best Les. Great music too".

Bernie, Nottingham UK
"Memories are made of this. The dogs ******** Pure and real funky. The podcast from itunes is the crowning glory for this show, the best on any radio station anywhere. Just keep on keepin on!!!!!!"

Nathan, West London Soul Massive!
"A top show with top tunes. It doesn't get any better than this. The only improvement would be if this show was on every night of the week, but then we would have nothing to look forward to!"

Griff, Canvey Island.
"Excellent Show Les & Brett!! Love the new website and podcast function through Itunes!
Keep up the fantastic music selection and hope to hear some of this stuff Live one day".

Greetings from downunder - Brett - Melbourne, Australia.
"Hi Les
Love the new website, complements the Podcast perfectly. These are great additions to your excellent radio programme, on Solar radio.
Great also to see a full track of your programme".

Robert Browne

"Great show - great music - great memories!
Thanks for playing my request"

Lyn Kerrigan - Godalming

"I remember listening your shows on radio one or radio Luxembourg in the 80's or your special mixes on "disco mix club" I can listen again your shows on your website, it's great!!!
I downloaded the two last, I'll send you my comments later. All the best for your next shows".

PHEEL from Brest in France

"Awesome selection of REAL soul dance every week. This show is like a who's who and what was what of 80's soul dance music. 10/10 !!"

Dan Fuller, Woking, Surrey
"I have been a collector and lover of soul music for almost thirty years now and you guys certainly know how to pick the right tunes to play on the show. I have also been in the engineering side of the broadcast industry all my life (I was a BBC broadcast sound engineer for 40 years, now retired) and I download many podcasts from stations all over the world. I really must compliment you on the audio quality of your podcast which is as good as anything I have ever heard and better than most I have downloaded. Even with the mp3 compression I must say it is very impressive indeed and puts most of the BBC's podcasts to shame. Top marks all round."

Larry Goodhope, Maidenhead.
"A really great show, when I think Oh I have'nt hear this for a long time and up it comes, great sounds, keep up the good work".

Steve Dowler

"Love the show listen every saturday sends good memories down my spine thinking back in the days when music was music love it lots of best wishes nugiba xx"

Nugiba Ali

"The best show on any radio station,keep up the good work"

Jerry Saunders

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