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The music:

Classic Soul Dance, Jazz Funk, Disco, Funk and Boogie from the 80's and some late 70's / early 90's gems.




Every tune played on Dancefloor Classics is chosen by Les and Brett who produce the show in Les' personal studio from their extensive combined collections of more than 50,000 soul dance tracks, plus a few selected requests by Dancefloor Classics listeners.


See Playlists for details of every track played on the show since January 2004



The three month rule


This is a self-imposed rule on the show and  no song is repeated within a three month period. The rule was born out of the frustration of hearing the same old “club classics” rotated on mainstream radio. It makes for a very varied and interesting show that is guaranteed to yield those “wow factor” classics that are rarely played elsewhere. It does of course mean you have to listen every week if you want to catch those big tunes. If you miss them, you won’t hear them again for at least 3 months (typically it is more often 6 months). Exceptions to the rule are only made if a song is requested by a listener for a special occasion and the guys are feeling soft-hearted!


Not so obvious. 


You won’t hear “Young hearts run free”, “I will survive” or “Somebody else’s guy” on Dancefloor Classics. Whilst we acknowledge that these are classic songs, you can still hear them frequently on mainstream radio and we would rather play something you probably won’t hear anywhere else, that’s what makes the show different. We also like to play the lesser known songs by mainstream soul artists for the same reason. If we play George Benson it probably won't be "Give me the night" or "Love ballad" but one of the other hundreds of great songs he recorded. By adopting this policy we attract an audience of soul music connoisseurs.  Our “listeners” are exactly that, they "listen" in the true meaning of the word as understood only by people who truly love their music. We hope you agree that this policy keeps the music alive and ensures that great recordings and songs are not resigned to the past simply because they never made the pop charts.


The full monty 12” 


The 12” single revolutionised the club and music scene. In the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s records were recorded and produced as full length dance versions lasting between five and ten minutes or more which was too long for daytime radio, so an edit was made where a lot of the song was cut out to get a three minute or  7 inch version. No self-respecting club DJ or soul fan would buy these shortened versions which were strictly for radio stations and the pop charts, it had to be the long version to hear the track as intended by the original producer and artist. On Dancefloor Classics we play the full length 12” versions almost without exception. The only time we play the short version is if it is an album track that was intended to be heard that way.   




Song requests and dedications are always very welcome providing they fall within the policy of the show. Because of the nature of our audience, it is rare that we get asked to play a song that is not suitable. Sometimes we get asked for a more obscure song or hard to find record that we don’t have, but our attitude to this is also different to other radio shows. If we don’t know it, we will do our best to find out about it and track a copy down to play for you. On the rare occasion we can’t find the song in time to play on the show within two weeks, it is placed on our “missing” list and continued efforts are made to hunt it down.


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