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Studio October 2012 




Broadcast quality radio shows 

Broadcast quality radio demos


Mix tapes

Audition tapes


Radio & jingle production 

Compiling music tapes, CD’s  

Vinyl to CD or digital media recording

Digital editing

Ableton tuition (digital mixing)

Mixing courses



Facilities include: 



Denon DN-X1600 96k Digital Matrix Audio Mixer with fader start

Denon DN-HC 4500 Multimedia player / MIDI Controller / Audio Interface

Denon DN-D4500 CD Players

Denon DN-F650R Solid State WAV / Mp3 Audio Recorder (SDHC & USB)

Neumann U87Ai Microphone (Main Presenter)

TL Audio VP-5051 Valve Mic Preamp / Compressor / Processor

Neumann KM184 Condenser microphone (Second Presenter)

Focusrite Trak Master Microphone Preamp / Compressor

Focusrite Platinum Stereo Compressor / Limiter

Aphex 104 Aural Exciter

2 x Technics SL1200 Turntables with Shure WHLB cartridges.

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT recorder

Sony Broadcast MDS E-11 Minidisc Recorder / Player

Sony Broadcast SRP-X100 Audio Mixer

2 x Drawmer DS201 noise Gate

Mackie HR824 THX certified studio monitor loudspeakers

2 x Sennheiser HD25 headphones. 

1 x Beyer DT100 headphones.

Behringer powerplay HA 4700 headphone distribution amplifier.

ACER Quad Core PC windows 7

Dell Duo Core PC windows XP

Ableton Live mixing / production software (full tuition and help given if needed)

Steinberg wavelab 5 digital recording and editing 

BBC specification PPM analogue metering

Napster and itunes access (charges for downloads apply)

ART AC power conditioning

Canford Broadcast AC power distributor

High Speed Fibre Optic Broadband




Includes full technical support and help with your recording or project. 


£35 per hour. (Minimum booking 2 hours)

£120 for 5 hours

Daily Rate: 10 hours £200

Including access to our library of  several thousand classic jazz funk & Soul, R‘n B, pop, and classic dance tracks.


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Studio located in Surrey (SW London)


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Or call: 020 8330 2954